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Keep your pantry in your pocket

Easy. Healthy. Delicious.


Never Waste Groceries Again

A new way of organizing your kitchen!

Add all your grocery items with just one scan of your receipt.

View all your items and see how many days you have left before they expire. Use the reccommended expiry date or set it yourself.


Get Reminders and Meal Plans

Reduce food waste like never before!

Get reminders to prepare for the day.

Get meal plans every week based on your pantry.

Meal Plan.png.webp

Earn Points and View Milestones

Be rewarded for stopping food waste!

Track your food intake and look out for recommendations to improve your nutrition.

View how much grocery waste you've prevented at the Good Village.

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Healthier Self.png.webp

Use points to save on groceries at major grocery stores.

Join our Waitlist and Pilot Testing!

Become a Good Villager for a Healthier You, Healthier Planet

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